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Photooxidative Degradation Masterbatch G Series


Safety performance: all components in masterbatch are non-toxic, harmless, odorless and non-irritating.

Environmental performance: Degradable plastics made by adding G Series masterbatch can effectively reduce the environmental pollution.

Economic performance: G Series masterbatch is low in price that can effectively reduce the production cost and add value to products.

Mechanical properties: The addition of G Series masterbatch has little effect on the physical and mechanical properties.

Processing performance: G Series masterbatch has good plasticization, the addition amount should according to foumula requirements. The processing equipment is common plastic processing equipment with general processing technology.

Degradability: Under natural condition, such as light, oxygen, compost and other conditions, G Series can decompose into free radicals which make molecular weight sharply decrease, products quickly brittle, then gradually decompose into small pieces, tiny powder, and finally decompose into environmentally friendly organic matter.


G Series can be applied to PE and PP degradable plastics, and used to manufacture disposable articles for daily use, packaging bags, shopping bags, kitchen waste garbage bags, table linen, garbage bags and disposable environmental protection products, as well asvarious PE films, cast films and other industries such as injection molding, film blowing, sheet plastic absorption and foaming products.

Performance Index


Particle Size of Powder (nm)


Powder Content (%)



Phatosensitizer Cantent (%)2222