• Zinc Sulfide
    Zinc Sulfide (ZnS) is a multifunctional white pigment. Compared with other white pigments, it can endow special plastic products and coating products with unique characteristics and advantages, and has played a unique role in different fields such as plastics, rubber, brake pads, chemical fiber and UV coatings. Hongzhi Ambition S Series Zinc Sulfide, with soft texture, excellent dispersibility and rheology, good thermal stability and strong weather resistance, is also an environmentally friendly long-term fungicide. In the field of coatings, Zinc Sulfide can be used as a weather-resistant pigment to improve the aging resistance of coatings. Zinc Sulfide shows great potential in the fields of new energy, photoelectric materials and biomedicine.
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  • Precipitated Barium Sulfate
    We use sulfuric acid and barium carbonate as raw materials to produce precipitated barium sulfate by sulfuric acid process. The product has the characteristics of controllable particle size, controllable shape, high whiteness, no sulfide, no black spot impurities, good dispersion and good thixotropy. The average particle size is 30 nm to 10 μm. A variety of surface-treated precipitated barium sulfate can be customized according to customers' requirements.
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  • Functional Masterbatch
    The functional masterbatch is made of nano inorganic functional materials and plastic carriers by adopting the independently developed new process and new nano technology. The product has high transparency, enhanced mechanics, good dispersibility, non-toxic and harmless, corrosion resistance and other properties. Functional masterbatch is widely used in the fields of continuous roll bags, protective films...
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Industry Application

Our products can be used in various industries, such as printing inks, automotive coatings, anti-corrosion coatings, powder coatings, transparent masterbatches, shopping bags, ABS, etc.

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    Yunfu Hongzhi New Materials
    Yunfu Hongzhi New Materials
    Yunfu Hongzhi New Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2017. It is a high-tech enterprise, "SRDI" enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of nano-scale inorganic functional materials such as precipitated barium sulfate, functional masterbatch, zinc sulfide, and hydrotalcite.
    Production Process
    • Raw Materials Reaction
      Raw Materials Reaction
    • Surface Treatment
      Surface Treatment
    • Water Washing and Pressure Filtration
      Water Washing and Pressure Filtration
    • Drying and Crushing
      Drying and Crushing
    • Finished Product Packaging
      Finished Product Packaging
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