Barium Sulfate Functional Masterbatch: Unlocking the Key to Performance Enhancement of BOPP Films
 Jun 27, 2024|View:176

BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) films are generally co-extruded multilayer films produced by co-extruding polypropylene particles into sheets and then stretching them in both the longitudinal and transverse directions. BOPP is a type of plastic film widely used in the packaging, labeling, tobacco, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Due to the non-polar surface, high crystallinity, and low surface free energy of BOPP films, their printing performance is poor, and their adhesion to inks and adhesives is weak. Therefore, surface treatment is required before printing and compounding.

barium sulfate

The Barium Sulfate Functional Masterbatch P100 of Yunfu Hongzhi New Materials Co., Ltd.(also known as Ambition Chem) is made of superfine inorganic functional environmental protection materials and PP plastic carrier by adopting a new technology independently developed. It has the properties of high whiteness, high gloss, no precipitation and enhanced printing effect. Specially applied to BOPP films, PP modified plastics, optical films and other products.

barium sulfate

barium sulfate

When producing BOPP film, adding barium sulfate functional masterbatch P100 can greatly improve its performance. The specific effects are as follows:

1. Improve gloss:

Due to the uniform particle size distribution of barium sulfate functional masterbatch P100, when it is added to BOPP film, it can significantly improve the gloss of the film, which is beneficial to the adhesion and drying of printing ink, thereby improving the printing quality. Especially for small fonts, it can ensure the clarity of the font, thereby enhancing the visual effect of the product.

barium sulfate

2. Improve whiteness:

Barium sulfate functional masterbatch P100 also has a high whiteness, which helps to improve the overall color purity of BOPP film and make the film look whiter, which is especially important for applications that require high whiteness.

barium sulfate

3. Synergistic effect:

The barium sulfate component materials of the barium sulfate functional masterbatch have a synergistic effect on the reflection of light, which can make the colors of fonts and patterns fuller. In addition, barium sulfate and titanium dioxide work together to have better hiding power.

barium sulfate

4. Enhanced mechanical strength:

The addition of barium sulfate functional masterbatch P100 can improve the tensile strength and elongation at break of BOPP film, making the film tougher and more durable, and more suitable for packaging occasions that require stronger support.

barium sulfate

5. Improve thermal stability:

Barium sulfate has good thermal stability, which can increase the heat deformation temperature and heat shrinkage rate of BOPP film, making BOPP film more stable during high-temperature processing, reducing deformation and breakage.

6. Increase wear resistance:

Barium sulfate has a high hardness, which can increase the wear resistance of BOPP film and make it more durable.

7. Improve barrier properties:

Barium sulfate is an excellent barrier material that can effectively prevent oxygen, moisture and other chemicals from passing through the film, and can also absorb and reflect some ultraviolet rays, thereby protecting the products in the package from the external environment.

8. Cost savings:

Compared with pure BOPP film, BOPP film with added barium sulfate functional masterbatch P100 can reduce production costs and improve the market competitiveness of products while maintaining or improving performance.

Adding barium sulfate functional masterbatch P100 to BOPP film can comprehensively improve its performance, giving it a wider application prospect in the packaging field.

If you are interested in the barium sulfate functional masterbatch P100 product of Yunfu Hongzhi New Materials Co., Ltd.(also known as Ambition Chem), please feel free to contact us.