Improving hiding power and reducing costs and increasing efficiency: the powerful combination of precipitated barium sulfate and titanium dioxide
 Jun 27, 2024|View:163

Precipitated barium sulfate and titanium dioxide are widely used in coatings, plastics, rubber and other industries. When the two are used in combination, they can play a synergistic effect, significantly improve the performance and appearance quality of the product, and achieve the effect of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. The following are some advantages of their synergy:

precipitated barium sulfate

1. Improve hiding power:

Titanium dioxide has extremely high hiding power. When used in combination with titanium dioxide, precipitated barium sulfate as a filler can further enhance the hiding power and whiteness of coatings or plastic products through the unique refractive index of precipitated barium sulfate, making the color more vivid and uniform.

precipitated barium sulfate

2. Increase chemical stability:

Precipitated barium sulfate has very good chemical stability and weather resistance. It does not react chemically with other substances. It can improve the problem that titanium dioxide is easily affected by external factors such as light and gas. Therefore, it can be used as a good partner for titanium dioxide, so that the mixture can maintain good performance in various environments, thereby extending the service life of the product.

precipitated barium sulfate

3. Improve fluidity and dispersibility:

During the mixing process, precipitated barium sulfate can help titanium dioxide to be better dispersed in the substrate, improve the fluidity and construction performance of the product, and make the coating smoother and more uniform.

precipitated barium sulfate

4. Enhanced strength and hardness:

The addition of precipitated barium sulfate can improve the mechanical strength and hardness of coatings or plastic products, which is particularly beneficial for applications that require wear resistance and impact resistance.

precipitated barium sulfate

5. Cost-effectiveness:

Titanium dioxide is a pigment with excellent performance but relatively high price. By adding a certain proportion of precipitated barium sulfate, the cost can be reduced without sacrificing hiding power, achieving higher economic benefits.

In summary, the synergy of precipitated barium sulfate and titanium dioxide can not only improve the hiding power and aesthetics of the product, but also improve the stability and construction of the product, and improve cost-effectiveness. Therefore, this synergy has important application value in the coating, plastic, rubber and other industries.

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