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High whiteness Precipitated barium sulfate/sulphate for Plastics

High whiteness Precipitated barium sulfate/sulphate for Plastics Product Description:
Our precipitated barium sulfate has good gloss and dispersibility, and low oil absorption, which can improve the rigidity, hardness and wear resistance of plastic products. It can also increase the crystallinity of the thermoplastic polymer, thereby improving the strength (especially the impact strength at low temperature) and dimensional stability of the product, as well as improving the heat resistance and reducing the shrinkage rate. Widely used in transparent masterbatch, color masterbatch, various modified plastics and engineering plastics.

High whiteness Precipitated barium sulfate/sulphate for Plastics Technical Parameters:

Product SeriesGradeParticle size: D50 (μm)CharacteristicApplication

SK-3000 Series

SK-30003Light scattering, high L value, no light absorption, excellent in matt and semi-matt coating systems thanks to good rheological properties and excellent compatibility with coloured pigmentsAs a scatter additive in semi-opaque and translucent applications such as lampshades and illuminated advertising (“neon”), SK-3000 can also be used in some transparent (colored/uncolored) plastics (e.g. PC, PMMA, PET) where diffuse scattering is needed
W-H1000 SeriesW-H10001Relatively good temperature resistance, good dispersionModified plastics, color masterbatch
M-700 SeriesM-7000.7High content of barium sulfate, high whiteness and high glossModified plastics, color masterbatch
M-701ALow oil absorption, high gloss, excellent dispersionModified plastics, engineering plastics
Common grade in the F seriesF-1080.7Organic treatment, good temperature resistance, reduce shrinkage, improve mechanical propertiesModified plastics, engineering plastics, white masterbatch
F-1020.3Organic treatment, small particle size, good dispersibilityTransparent masterbatch, color masterbatch, white masterbatch, modified plastics
F-1030.1Organic treatment, small particle size, ultra-high transparency and glossTransparent masterbatch, color masterbatch
F-100 SeriesF-100Y0.1Organic treatment, ultra-high glossBlack masterbatch, color masterbatch
F-300 SeriesF-300Y0.3Organic treatment, small particle size, excellent dispersionColor masterbatch, white masterbatch, modified plastics
F-301Y0.3Organic treatment and improve the dispersion of F-300YModified plastics
CB-700 SeriesCB-7000.7After modification of silicon and aluminum, it has good dispersibility, reduces shrinkage rate and improves mechanical propertiesModified plastics
CB-701After modification of silicon and aluminum, the dispersibility of CB-700 is improved, the shrinkage rate is reduced, and the mechanical properties are improvedModified plastics