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Glass fiber reinforced plastics


Product Description:

Zinc Sulfide is a high-end product produced by our company with absolutely new technology. It is a white pigment with organic modification and blue undertone.Thanks to the Mohs hardness is low, only grade 3, without other impurities, and it has the function of anti-wear. It doesn't damage the glass fiber for reinforcement like TiO2 (its Mohs hardness is 6.0-6.5), so it is very suitable as a white pigment for all glass fiber reinforced plastics. Such barrier protection can ensure and improve the bending strength and impact strength of finished products.

Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics Technical Parameters:

Product SeriesGradeParticle size: D50 (μm)CharacteristicApplication

S Series

S-100.5Low Mohs hardness, only grade 3,without other impurities, and it has the function of anti-wear.

Glass fiber reinforced plastics

S-200.5Compared with S-10, it has higher purity and better temperature resistance.